Here are some of the recent news from MIFUMI

We give you all the latest news that happen all around MIFUMI Project areas and from new developments. All the different occassions are captured in the news stories below.

Left At The Alter, Man Demands Compensation

Namulindwa (in brown busiuti call it Ugandan traditional dress) being dragged to police The New Vision Last Saturday, Kitovu Cathedral in Masaka district witnessed drama when a bride abandoned her fiance at the altar. Brian Mayinja and Hannifa Namuwonge followed... View Article

Mary- Mifumi’s Very Own Graduate

Growing up in Mifumi Village, attending Mifumi Primary School, and being the first graduate to have attended the school, makes Mary one of our main success stories. She now works at Africare, one of MIFUMI’s partnership organizations as a finance... View Article

Best Ever Results in PLE for Mifumi Primary Students

We at MIFUMI are proud to extend our congratulations to the students and staff of Mifumi Primary School for their outstanding results on their recent PLE exams. We have received the 16th best marks in Tororo. As usual, MIFUMI is... View Article

Bride Price hearing before Supreme Court Today 18th March 2014

Bride Price is now before the Supreme Court. The case will be before the judges today (Tuesday 18th March 2014) at 9am. In 2010 the Judges in the Constitutional Court made the ruling indicating bride price refund was indeed constitutional,... View Article

MIFUMI calls on District Council to Act on murder of women in Malab

MIFUMI has called Duty Bearers to a Council meeting on Wednesday, 9th April 2014 at the Council Hall to discuss and protest a spate of murders of women in Tororo District. MIFUMI is calling on LCs, Councillors, and Representatives from... View Article

Over 1600 schools girls from Tororo Sign Petition demanding Government

A group of 12 girls from Tororo district have gathered today to deliver a petition to Parliament signed by over 1200 school girls demanding that Government increases funding for menstrual health management in all schools in Uganda. The schools demand... View Article

Judgement on Bride price case at the Supreme Court

Judgement on MIFUMI’s bride price appeal case will be delivered today (Thursday 6th August 2015) at the Supreme Court at 9:30 a.m. MIFUMI’s petition first appeared before the Constitutional Court in 2007. The main issues at stake were women’s equality,... View Article

Bride price refund outlawed – a momentous occasion

  We are overjoyed; this is a momentous occasion for us here. It has been a long journey; we have prayed and waited for this for a long time. This is a great triumph for the women rights movement. MIFUMI’s... View Article