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NEWS REPORT: Monday 6 December 2010

NEWS REPORT: Monday 6 December 2010 ‘African Archers’ radio series gives domestic violence victims a voice Victims of domestic violence in a remote part of Uganda will have their voices heard in a 10-part radio drama dubbed the African Archers after a team of British and Ugandan writers collaborated to write, cast and record the …

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Joyce Nekesa

Joyce Nekesa got married at 17 years of age. They were neighbours, he noticed her just like she had noticed him. They decided to get married. He got some cows and paid to my father. After paying the cows, we had five children together. After having the five children, he started neglecting her and he …

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Sylvia Namusoke

Sylvia Namusoke a primary school teacher, disagreed with her husband over a building they had equally contributed to and constructed. They put the titles in the names of their son but when her husband wanted to sell the property she objected to the sale in order to safeguard the children’s property for the future. The …

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