The People behind the Work

Everyday, different categories of people across entire communities in Uganda and abroad give their best efforts to ensure that women and girls in benefiting communities receive the help they need and are protected from violence and abuse. MIFUMI salutes these different people. Thank you all, very much!


Community volunteers/For organising communities

Community volunteers For organising communities


Staff and volunteers/For being agents of MIFUMI's vision

Staff and volunteersFor being agents of MIFUMI's vision


Donors and welwishers/For beileving in and supporting MIFUMI's vision

Donors and welwishersFor beileving in and supporting MIFUMI's vision

Offices in UK / UG / USA.

Uganda - Tororo

  • Location Plot 1/7, Masaba Road
  • Postal P.O.Box 274, Tororo, Uganda
  • Email
  • Line 1 +256(0) 392 174 242
  • Uganda Toll Free 0800 200 250

United Kingdom - Bristol

  • Location Office G, Poynter House, Queensdale
    Cresent, London W11 4TA
  • Email
  • Line 1 +44 117 916 6457

Uganda - Kampala

  • Location Off Ntinda II Road
  • Postal P.O. Box 7890
  • Email
  • Line 1 +256(0) 414 666 946
  • Uganda Toll Free 0800 200 250

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