Our Advice Centres and Shelters provide emergency support and safety and ensure long term security for women and children affected by domestic violence. Click Here Safety and Protection Providing legal empowerment and advocacy in the community to enable women to access justice. Click Here Champions and Quasi-paralegals
Movement building to strengthen women’s leadership and transform gender power relations in communities.
Click Here MIFUMI Women’s Network
Ensuring that harmful norms are replaced by women-friendly laws, policy and practice. Click Here Bride Price

MIFUMI's Mission and Core Values



To strengthen community and civil society responses to violence against women and children in Africa.

Mifumi core values

At MIFUMI we take our values and principles seriously. As a growing community of grassroots activists and human rights defenders committed to ending gender-based violence it is our utmost interest to; maintain a woman-centred approach to ending abuse, protect and ensure women and children’s safety, empower survivors to resist violence and demand the rights of women.

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Women’s Economic Empowerment

 and Financial Inclusion

Women’s economic empowerment plays a key role in our Theory of Change. As an organisation we recognise poverty and dependence as invariably linked with violence and abuse.

At MIFUMI we aim to deliver women’s economic empowerment through promoting in women
  • Self-Reliance
  • Self-governance
  • Social economic development

Why Harmful Practices

Harmful norms and practices arise from actions and behavior that negative impact on people in a society, especially on women. These used to be referred to as “cultural practices” however, because cultures are cherished by people who define themselves by their culture, it was liable to create hostility by referring to them as harmful cultural practices. For this reason, anything that society or culture does that is harmful is simply called a harmful practice. Harmful practices are usually thought of as arising in backward and rural based communities where culture is entrenched. However, this is not the case because every society, whether urban or rural has harmful practices that are peculiar to it. For instance, the culture of guns and drugs in America is a harmful practice, as is the culture of fast food in most of Europe. Violence against women is a harmful culture, that is endemic throughout the world and that is condoned, cultivated and kept alive by the patriarchal society we live in which has historically placed women in a disadvantaged position.

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