Gardening At Mifumi Primary School

July 16, 2019 1:06 pm Published by Comments

Gardening is an activity that every child loves to get involved in. Mifumi school is proud to own a one and half acreage of land where the school operates its garden. labourers are hired to till the land and plant crops that mature faster like; maize, beans, soya peas and lots of vegetables.

Mifumi school is fortunate to have an expert in agriculture, who teaches in the same school and doubles as a garden master. Samson, as he is commonly known, is passionate about gardening and loves teaching pupils about farming. Even the community who wish to improve on their crop yields visit the garden for demonstration purposes.

Recently, the school planted several crops including maize and vegetables of different categories that ranged from; egg plants, tomatoes, cabbages among others. The pupils from Primary Four class to Seven, were all involved in this activity, where they were taught how to prepare nursery beds for vegetables, transplant and manage till harvest period.

During the transplant, the pupils were each assigned to a particular crop where they could monitor, to ensure it was growing well. These crops when harvested will be used to supplement on the diet of the school. Ideally if one has maize, tomatoes and egg plants then they have a full meal because they complement each other for a simple African meal. One is assured of a hunger free day.

Maize blossoming  

      Tomato plants                 




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