Left At The Alter, Man Demands Compensation

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Namulindwa (in brown busiuti call it Ugandan traditional dress) being dragged to police

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Last Saturday, Kitovu Cathedral in Masaka district witnessed drama when a bride abandoned her fiance at the altar. Brian Mayinja and Hannifa Namuwonge followed up the saga.

Like it is at most weddings, the ambiance was festive. Relatives and friends had converged at Kitovu Cathedral in Masaka district to witness Emmanuel Kasajja, 26, and Annet Namulindwa, 24, make their marriage vows.
Kasajja is a vendor in St. Balikkudembe Market in Kampala and a resident of Kawaala. Namulindwa is pursuing a diploma in secretarial studies at Blessed Sacrament Training School in Masaka town.
The couple had held their introduction ceremony in Nyendo, the previous day. Two priests, the Rev. Fr. Jude Ssemakula and the Rev. Fr. Henry Kasule, were set to preside over the wedding.

Bride Storms Out Of Church
Suddenly, something extraordinary happened. During the mass, a man walked up to the bride and whispered something to her. Namulindwa then stormed out of the church, leaving her husband, in-laws, and the whole congregation baffled.As soon as Namulindwa stormed out of church, her sister, who was among the congregation, started heckling Kasajja on top of her voice: You are not a real man. You are a shame to our family. How can you make your bride wear nigiina (plastic sandals) on your wedding day? You deserve the shame. You haven’t even paid bride price! Drama ensued as Namulindwa’s parents, Angello and Scolastic Matovu, also went out of the church. The congregation split into two and a fight almost ensued.Who Whispered?
The identity of the man who whispered to the bride is unknown, nor is his relationship with her. However, Namulindwa and her sisters said he is called Mohamad Iga, their step-brother, who lives in Kampala. But there are rumors that Iga is not a relative, but a suitor who was almost losing out on Namulindwa.Others say he is a brother who came in the company of Namulindwa’s boyfriend, who was seated at the back of the church as the drama unfolded.
The priests intervened by asking the couple and their parents to enter the parish office for mediation.Parents Reject Wedding
While in the parish office, according to Kasajja, Namulindwa’s parents insisted that the wedding could not continue. I was shocked. Her parents even threatened that if the priest went ahead to wed us, they would not recognize the marriage. My parents were baffled by their U-turn at the last hour, Kasajja said.Kasajja says he smelt a rat when, prior to the church service, Namulindwa’s parents demanded that the couple go for an HIV test, yet they had already done one. He thinks this was intended to delay them such that they report late to church. Luckily, we got the results in time and rushed to church in time for the service. The results were negative, he says.Wedding Cancelled
The priests could not comment about the impasse to the press. But sources in the know said the two parties failed to reach a consensus during the meeting in the parish office. New demands and allegations kept coming up, until the priests decided to call off the wedding.




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