Mary- Mifumi’s Very Own Graduate

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Growing up in Mifumi Village, attending Mifumi Primary School, and being the first graduate to have attended the school, makes Mary one of our main success stories. She now works at Africare, one of MIFUMI’s partnership organizations as a finance officer and is proud to say that she has her roots at Mifumi Primary School.

Initially, she attended another school in the district before Mifumi Primary School was opened. She assessed and compared the two schools and at a young age made the decision that it might be more worthy to attend MPS. The main influences of her decision was the shorter distance that MPS was to her home in Mifumi Village and the fact that the population of students was much smaller, meaning that she would get a more personalized education. Her parents agreed and she soon switched schools.

This was a decision that she does not regret. The school provided a good education through its friendly and caring teachers, of which she referred to as paternal. They would advise us and punish us, but it was good and I liked that they punished us because that shows concern. She was a part of the debate club where they would debate about issues amongst students and a part of the Young Person’s Civil Club, which she claims to be her favorite memory from attending the primary school.

MPS worked in conjunction with students from a nearby secondary school to learn from their peers and get introduced to the fight against domestic violence. I really enjoyed it, we learned a lot from the secondary school students.

Mary later attended Busolwe Student’s Centre, St. Paul’s College, Mbale and graduated in Business Administration in Makerere Business School.

Needless to say, Mifumi did quite a good job at providing a firm foundation for Mary to blossom into the young, educated, and self-respecting woman that she is today. She is left with nothing but good memories and continues to practice what she learned in her career today.




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