MIFUMI calls on District Council to Act on murder of women in Malab

May 29, 2016 9:57 pm Published by Comments

MIFUMI has called Duty Bearers to a Council meeting on Wednesday, 9th April 2014 at the Council Hall to discuss and protest a spate of murders of women in Tororo District. MIFUMI is calling on LCs, Councillors, and Representatives from the Police Force and other Duty Bearers to condemn this unnecessary and senseless violence. Tororo District has been beset by graphic murders recently, with one in December of a young girl hacked to death while protecting her mother from the wrath of her father, and most recently Agnes Namono killed by her partner.

MIFUMI is outraged by this increased violence in the community and condemns in the strongest terms this tragedy. MIFUMI will seek to garner support for victims of domestic violence and press for the passing of measures to mitigate the factors that promote violence in the community.

It is also with grave concern that MIFUMI notes the normalcy with which community members approach violence. It shows a society that is so depraved that it has become apathetic to the screams of a woman experiencing violence and calling for help. The community and its leaders need to be attuned to situations of violence such that all cases are reported, and more pro-active and vigilant to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

Agnes Namono should not die in vain. It because we attach so much value to each life that we got the motivation to request this emergency council meeting and we thank the Mayor, LCV Chair Tororo, Police and the DISO’s office for their prompt response.

It is time to act! We call upon this council to explore and enact the different range of measures they are empowered with through the Local Government Act, be it bye-laws, greater enforcement of existing laws, or putting in place practical measures, to increase safety and security and ensure that women and children are protected and that families feel safe. MIFUMI pledges support to walk hand in hand with Tororo district leaders to ensure that the goal of a violence free Tororo is met.




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