Over 1600 schools girls from Tororo Sign Petition demanding Government

May 29, 2016 7:32 pm Published by Comments

A group of 12 girls from Tororo district have gathered today to deliver a petition to Parliament signed by over 1200 school girls demanding that Government increases funding for menstrual health management in all schools in Uganda.

The schools demand that Government increases individual monetary allotment for girls in school so that their menstrual health is properly managed. The girls decry that menstruation is a major barrier to girls’ participation in school and as such has far reaching consequences that hold girls back for the rest of their lives.

The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda states that “The State shall take appropriate measures to afford every citizen equal opportunity to attain the highest educational standard possible.” Article 33 of the same organ is dedicated to addressing the prejudices that women and girls may face, making explicit that the State shall take into account women’s natural “maternal functions” when considering their needs. Menstruation which is unique to only women and girls means that its challenges are also exclusive to this gender. Leaving the challenges that arise from this natural bodily function unaddressed means that more than half the country’s population will potentially be denied this “equal opportunity” to reach their full potential.

Increasing funding will accelerate the implementation of facilities that guarantee a dignified and healthy menstrual experience for girls, opening up space for them to compete fairly with boys and enabling them to reach their full potential.




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