Sports competition at Mifumi Primary School

June 6, 2019 3:03 pm Published by Comments

Mifumi Primary School held its first sports competition of year 2019 early in mid-March. The event that is usually held annually, was very colorful and entertaining and, attracted a large number of people from the neighboring villages, who had come to cheer teams of their choice as well as their own children

This special event was a very colourful ceremony that was attended by several local leaders. The competition was categorized as U12, U14 and U16 and its from there that they would choose the best performers for the inter-school competitions. From the above age bracket categories, 12 were to be selected from the U12 and U14, while 28 were to be selected from U16 so as to make a team of 52. The event that was dubbed “Inter colour competition” was a race between colours; Blue and Yellow, where representatives from each competed against each other in the following races; hurdles, long and short relay, jumping; High and Long jumps with triple and multiple jumps inclusive and throws; discus, short-put and javelin.

The star of the day was Otong Joseph from the BLUE category, who was the crowd’s favourite and he was closely followed by Odong from the YELLOW category. The girls too braved the heated race and Awor, of class 4 emerged the best female from the YELLOW category.

It was a moment of true happiness as the winners were decorated with praises and given dozens of books and pens as presents for their excellence in various sports activities.

 “It is a fantastic occasion that children usually look forward to because it brings them outdoors to relax and interact with one another. It is also an opportunity for them to improve on their talents for the ones gifted” exclaimed the Sports teacher.

Looking at all these aspects and other health benefits of sports to pupils, the school is among the nine chosen to participate in inter school competitions

The winners of the competition will then be selected to participate in the next competition where schools will compete with each other and thereafter they will continue to next level until they reach the national level.




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