Our Advice Centres and Shelters provide emergency support and safety and ensure long term security for women and children affected by domestic violence. Click Here Safety and Protection Providing legal empowerment and advocacy in the community to enable women to access justice. Click Here Champions and Quasi-paralegals
Movement building to strengthen women’s leadership and transform gender power relations in communities.
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Ensuring that harmful norms are replaced by women-friendly laws, policy and practice. Click Here Bride Price


MIFUMI’s approach to work is with communities starting and continuing to; recognise women as development partners at household, community and national, social and political platforms; and making proactive and affirmative decisions in response to Violence against Women and Children (VAWC).

Over the last three years MIFUMI supported a total of 6,478 women and children through these approaches.

Our Story: What is MIFUMI

MIFUMI Project derives its name from a village in Kirewa Sub county in Tororo District, Eastern Uganda. MIFUMI means – the way out of the forest- in the local Jopadhola language. MIFUMI project traces its roots to the late 80s with the vision of Atuki Turner, who, while in her vacation from law school, would volunteer as a teacher at the local community school in MIFUMI village. MIFUMI Development Programme was registered as a non-governmental organisation in Uganda in 1998 as a locally grown charity in Uganda.

In the years that followed, the activities in Mifumi village generated interest among family and friends in the UK and led to the formation of Promote MIFUMI Project (PROMPT) in the UK, primarily to support the work in Mifumi village through fundraising.  In line with the development thinking of the time, the vision of the Organisation came to be shaped around community level efforts with a clear focus on addressing the needs of women and children. Originally designed to support the health and education of Mifumi village, the work grew organically to tackle the endemic culture of domestic violence.

MIFUMI’s approach was to start by working with communities to establish essential services where these were inexistent, and to learn about community empowerment issues through the projects. We have remained focussed on developing low cost innovative projects and taking risks to tackle difficult social issues. Grants from the Community Fund, Comic Relief and DFID lead to the establishment of programmes on health, young people and domestic violence, a revolving loan fund for women and radio advocacy projects. Income has since grown and remained fairly stable at around 1 million USD per year.

Today MIFUMI has established itself as a credible NGO with a strong track record, working with Civil Society Organisations in Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa to support the provision of innovative well targeted and quality services especially in domestic violence.

MIFUMI has distinguished herself as the largest women’s rights agency operating at grassroots level  in Uganda enabling the provision of focussed, community based, complete range of support for survivors of domestic violence. It is a  a pioneering and campaigning organisation the only one globally attempting to address the existence of bride price as a cultural driver of violence against women and girls. 

Since our establishment in 1994, MIFUMI has directly changed the lives of more than 60,000 women and children through comprehensive services, and supported over 5,000 women with livelihoods, micro-enterprises, , health-care,  and domestic violence services and advocacy. Being based directly in the village is one of MIFUMI’s greatest strengths, making it easier to reach grassroots people. The most important contributions by far are reforms in bride-price and domestic violence. We have a regional network and partners in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and the UK.

Rooted in MIFUMI’s key values is a woman centred approach to ending abuse, protecting and ensuring women and children’s safety and empowering survivors to resist violence and demand their rights. These values are at the core of MIFUMI’s work and are important in guiding Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs)  and the Champions who are MIFUMI’s grassroot community based mentors who work in different sub countries and have built strong partnerships with the local council in prevention and response to gender based violence. They offer handholding support for women girls and children ranging from psycho-social, medical and legal support.  


John Carnegie Trust and Jersey Overseas Aid

  • Mifumi Primary School plants its roots as a safe haven for children to learn and grow. Atuki also plants the first tree in the compound to symbolise the birth and growth of our community, (under this very tree is where Mifumi Primary School lessons were first held!)
  • Thanks to the community efforts a new start for MIFUMI unfolds as the first building is constructed.
  • Our doner John Carnegie commissions the school in 2001.

Comic Relief

  • In 1997, the financial lives of woman are uplifted as MIFUMI provides loans to women in rural areas to help set up small businesses. 
  • This is made possible thanks to Comic Relief’s help in establishing the Revolving Loans Scheme in partnership alongside Nagongera Women’s Guild.


Community Fund National Lottery

Feel Free: Young Persons Project on Domestic Violence

Community Fund National Lottery

  • A new Health Centre opens in Mifumi (by Ewan Ormiston First Secretary of the British Council) to support general health care and a public focus on reproductive health.
  • Today the first baby to be names after our founder ‘Felicitas Atuki Turner is born. Little did we know there would be over 15 more babies named after her to be born at Mifumi Health Center be named after her over the next years.


Foreign and Commonwealth Human Rights Fund
(Tara and U patrick)

  • 2000 anti-bride price supporters stand alongside MIFUMI to vote for an end to bride price.
  • After a tireless fight for women’s rights, MIFUMI finally abolishes Bride price in Tororo district, as women and children learn they have the right to choice and control in the matter of their lives in marriage. 

2002 - 2005

Comic Relief – Domestic Violence intervention project

  • Thanks to Comic Relief our first domestic violence centre in Uganda at Kirewa Subcount is built meanwhile MIFUMI also tackles empowering women and girls in schools and communities. 

  • Through this we helped a great amount of women transform their services into women led producer cooperatives.

Comic Relief

  • With the Capacity Building Project (CAP) the provision of advice and support around Domestic Violence grew, strengthening the capacity of community workers and women’s leaders in target areas.

Community Fund – National Lottery

  • Thanks to the National Lottery MIFUMI receives extra funds to start The Action Training Project which works to create an environment where domestic violence is treated as a zero tolerance violation.
  • The Action Training Project operates to teach communities that the survivor must not bear the burden of the abuse but that the violence and abuse should be seen as a responsibility of the community to protect the women and hold the perpetrator accountable for their actions and behavior.
  • MIFUMI elects women leaders in various sub district counties to represent women’s rights and lead in the provision of women in their communities, meanwhile acting as mentors and teachers.

  • Thanks to the community efforts a new start for MIFUMI unfolds as the first building is constructed.

2005 - 2010

Comic Relief

  • Thanks to Comic Relief’s strategic Grant MIFUMI is able to strengthen its organisational capacity through:
  • Opening the very first 24-bed capacity women’s shelter in Uganda. In our well-known refuge ‘The Haven.’ Where many women have sought refuge from violence and escaped dangerous situations.
  • Establishing our second office in the heart of the city centre, Kampala.

  • Setting up our toll-free line.

  • Challenging the constitutionality of bride price in petition to the court to out-rule bride price.

American philanthropist trust fund

  • MIFUMI expands its MIFUMI-Lite response services of shelters and Advice centers to Bukedea and Budaka.

  • More women are supported to reject violence in their lives as MIfumi extends its reach to the neighbouring districts to Bukedea and Budaka. 

2013 - 2017

Comic Relief

  • Mifumi implements it’s  ‘Strengthening Community Based Advocacy on Violence’ project funded by Comic Relief, with support from DFiD, through a 5-year investment grant.

  • Mifumi makes significant progress in achieving its organisational and programmatic step change in our work on ending Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) in Uganda.’


DANIDA Embassy
(Mako Mere – Tara)

  • MIFUMI takes a creative twist and publishes it’s original Mako Mere radio soap opera series. 

  • Thanks to the training of our skilled Jane Rogers and Clive Brill mentors, our team were well equipped for writing success, a skill some of them took on as beginners to later turn into a career!

  • Mifumi also publishes its first feature documentary ‘What Price? Bride Price’ to help shift attitudes around the act and prepare the ground for the Supreme court hearing on bride price.

UNFPA Basket Fund
(U Patrick & SURGE)

Story theme =  Reaching out, growing, transformation, financial support, expansion, west/north/south.

In a bid to encourage the government of UG to commit to end domestic violence through the JPEG fund, various embassies combined to put money together to fund Mifumi. They worked in areas all around Uganda which lead to the establishment of another three shelters in hopes that the government  would continue funding them once financial aid ended. The SURGE project continued the project for another 5 years. Currently  

UN women are funding a ‘bridge grand’ until government can commit itself to protecting women by putting an adequate budget line towards shelters etc. or other funding becomes available.  The project runs in Masaba, Mbarara, Moroto and Tororo.



Thanks to PORTICUS funding, MIFUMI was able to donate raw materials to battered women allowing them to invest and harvest crops in order to later sell and gain the financial independence needed to survive on their own.

2016 - 2020


  • Thanks to DFID funding mIFUMI was able to start SURGE (Support to Uganda’s Response to Gender Equality) as a five-year programme (2016 – 2020) with the aim to strengthen efforts towards ending violence and gender inequality. This was done by increasing access to services for survivors and enhancing knowledge and skills of women to initiate and manage economic enterprises.
  • SURGE is implemented by a consortium comprising of MIFUMI, CEDOVIP and Action Aid Uganda. The surge grant is managed by Action Aid Uganda. MIFUMI implementing this programme in Moroto, Masaka and Mbarara Districts.



  • For Several years MIFUMI Primary School (Uganda)- Jersey Charity, and Standard Bank (UK) have continued to support the education, needs of the children; the health and social welfare of the community members of the community of MIFUMI Village. 
  • The Charity is a coalition of various agencies and individual well-wishers from Jersey, London, Isle of Mann, South Africa and Mauritius.



  • MIFUMI WOMEN’s Network is a Vibrant network comprising MIFUMI, Women Rights Champions, Gender sensitive Men and local partners. The three-year funding (2019-2022) is helping with mobilising individuals and communities (women, men, girls, boys and institutions) into a Network of Human Rights supporters who will in turn influence positive changes on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment; and to lead community action to preventing and responding to Violence Against Women and Children(VAWC).
  • This Programme is being implemented in Tororo, Bukedea and Budaka Districts and funded by the Jo Cox Memorial Grant

Dutch Embassy (Immaculete/ Francis)

  • Mifumi address domestic violence from a public health perspective

  • Making a link between MIFUMI with gender based violence and ISPHD with sexual reproductive health rights.  

  • Domestic Violence also has a health impact on women. Their first port of call is hospital. Mifumi is now working with health providers in a consortium to provide support and protection to women to protect their rights and ensure women’s rights to resist violence is also supported (not just their rights)