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Key pathways and strategies

MIFUMI uses The Theory of Change and its six key pathways to tackle domestic violence (Philip we will send you a diagram to link below to direct people to the image) and recognises that actions against domestic violence is required simultaneously at all levels of pathways for a significant and sustainable impact to occur. Through this process women and girls have to remain at the centre of all action. For MIFUMI, the key pathways to change include supporting and protecting women through women-centred services lobbying district leaders and bringing about legislative change. Furthermore at MIFUMI we believe these local efforts have to be linked to national, regional and international action to address the global problem of violence against women.

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Domestic violence training

MIFUMI is an organisation very strong in the area of service delivery, campaigning and activism to end violence against women. MIFUMI has developed Domestic Violence Training Manuals in The Companion series to harness and formally package this experience and knowledge as an effective tool for strengthening key services in response to women experiencing domestic violence and abuse.                   

The Duty Bearer’s Companion is the first comprehensive training manual on domestic violence produced by MIFUMI. It is published as a four part series that intersect and enjoin each other. This is the introductory section that deals with basic information on domestic violence. It addresses definitions of domestic violence, its effects, impact, consequences and finally the process of helping a woman through the process of risk assessment and safety planning. It also provides information on services available locally and nationally.

The companion series are:

Part I The Duty Bearer’s Campanion: A MIFUMI training manual on domestic violence

Part II: A MIFUMI manual for strengthening key domestic violence services – Health Professionals and Domestic Violence.

Parts III and IV: A MIFUMI manual for strengthening key domestic violence services – Police Work and Training the Judiciary

Together these tools form an effective tool for improving response in service delivery using a human rights approach for social practitioners as well as professionals from health, police and the judiciary. 

The Duty Bearer’s Companion will be useful as a reference for: Independent Domestic Violence Advisors, NGOs, Local Councillors and Human Rights Defenders 

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What is MIFUMI

Since its establishment in 1994, MIFUMI has directly changed the lives of more than 50,000 women together with their children through comprehensive services in education, health-care, micro-enterprises and domestic violence advocacy. Being based directly in the countryside is one of MIFUMI’s greatest strengths, making it easier to reach grassroots people. 


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