Mifumi Update November 2020

November 30, 2020 3:49 pm Published by Comments

Babies born this year may be called Corona or Sanitizer

Did you know that we in Africa have a way of marking significant events that occur in the world by naming our children after the event? For instance I have a cousin who was born in 1966 when Uganda had its last major earthquake. And what is he called? You’re right he is called earthquake or Musisi in my vernacular.

In Zimbabwe in the time leading up to independence, the children born were named in a way which illustrated the moment of celebration. And it is seen not least in the names they give their children “Happiness, Prosperity, Fortune, Joy, and even Ceasefire.

Not many of you may not be aware of the earthquake in Uganda in the 60s or of the story of the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe, but more recently and still currently affecting us is the Corona virus COVID-19 pandemic. This is a major pandemic affecting the whole world and it has forced us into a new way of life and introduced a whole new vocabulary of its own.

Therefore it shouldn’t come off surprised that people have started naming the children in order to reflect the significance of and commemorate this period. First names are now in tandem with the epidemic (and are being used all over Africa).  Thus It has been reported that the Luo council of elders, (who live near Mifumi in neighbouring Kenya) have also released new names to be used for babies born at this time of the year . This is in tandem with the customs, traditions and culture of naming children after major events in life.  Here are some of the names:

  • Corona Atieno
  • Self Quarantine Adhiambo
  • Isolation Ochieng
  • China Apondi
  • Sanitizer Jaber
  • Indoors Soko
  • Handwash Olwete
  • Covid Anyango
  • Locusts Amollo
  • Whuhan Adhiambo

Perhaps dear reader you might find that the next child you sponsor is no other than Self Quarantina Adhiambo. Let’s see you wash your hands off that!

Good luck

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