About Mifumi Primary School

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Mifumi Primary School is a mixed day primary school with current enrolment of over 700 pupils. It is located in Tororo District, Uganda.

We aim to promote the highest standards of teaching and learning within the framework of the National curriculum and to encourage the education of girls in particular to encourage them to match their aspirations to their abilities.

Nursery Education: We provide a sound educational foundation for 90 pupils each year between the ages of 4 and 5 to encourage early childhood development and learning.

Primary education: Provision of quality primary education is our priority to ensure that the pupils realise their maximum potential academically and all round educational development.

Co-curricular activities: All round development of pupils is promoted by providing time for various sports and co-curricular subjects and activities.

Mifumi Primary School was declared a model school by the Tororo education department due to its excellent academic performances and good infrastructure.

The school boasts of five classroom blocks comprising of 15 classes, Teacher’s accommodation of 11 units, 7 latrines, and 2 blocks of wash-rooms /changing rooms suitable for girls.

Education as an empowerment tool for girls

Our school being in a rural setting, girls education is not a priority for most parents. The Nursery school was set up by MIFUMI, to help in addressing this inequality. Girls enrolment is encouraged. This school has been warmly received by this community; and the school being the only one in the area has become very popular among both the parents and children. MIFUMI has recruited infant teachers caring for the 90 children enrolled in the nursery classes and there is a huge demand.


Brief History

Mifumi Primary School was established in 1981 by parents in a communal effort to meet the education needs of young children in the village. A three classroom block was built of mud walls and grass roofs. When the region was disrupted by the 1986 rebel activities, many community members lost their lives and there was a halt in the progress of the school. Due to the semi-permanent structures and adverse weather conditions parts of the roofing collapsed. Significant changes began to occur in 1994 when MIFUMI started sponsoring the school programs including infrastructure set up. We could not have done this without the support of many friends of MIFUMI and some grant makers.