History of Mifumi Primary School

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Mifumi is a remote rural village in the Eastern part of Uganda where just years ago there were no public roads, no sources of safe drinking water, electricity or any health services and where the only structure was the village school, made up of classrooms built with mud walls and grass roofs.

The school was subject to hazards of the elements and yet in this school parents built their hopes for a better future. MIFUMI the charity became a dream to retrieve the burden of poverty in Mifumi.




In 1984, the idea of MIFUMI came about as a result of Atuki Turner’s parents retiring from Tororo town to settle in Mifumi and joined efforts with the community in re-building the School.

As a teenager, Atuki longed for the holidays when she would quickly leave the city to return to her village and share what she had learned with the village children; who by then could not afford to go to school.

When she got older, she knew she could bring change to this village and encourage girls to go to school.



In 1994, Atuki and Glyn Turner with support from the UK registered a charity. Parents were encouraged to enrol girls. Through their fundraising and lobbying, donations were directed to the establishment of the school.

Mifumi Primary School provides pre-school and primary education, particular targeting the education of rural girls The school has greatly improved and has undergone major transformation in infrastructure, thanks to many well wishers and grant makers.

The school now boasts of five classroom blocks comprising of 15 classes, Community Hall, Staff Room and Administration block as well as Teacher’s accommodation of 11 units, 7 latrines, and 2 blocks of wash-rooms /changing rooms suitable for girls. The classes have been equipped with furniture, textbooks and educational resources.

The school has one of the best libraries in the area with all kinds of reading materials. Its computer laboratory has enriched both the pupils and teachers with computer knowledge.

It’s no wonder that the school has the safest water system with a functional borehole and three water harvesting tanks, to keep the school supplied with water throughout the year. There is also a spring well near the school, to cater for any emergencies in case of any breakdown.

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