Movement Building

Bride price traps women in relationships that they cant get out from

MIFUMI supports entire communities to rally against all forms of injustice through a cohesive movement building framework. We work with rural and community based groups to support them define agendas around which to mobilise and organise and advocate for solutions to common challenges and injustices. MIFUMI’s belief is that movements must be collective in the issues they address and as such, there is a deliberate move to build and grow all-inclusive movements.

This movement Building has seen over 3,000 survivors under the Women’s Rights Champion fraternity; and 250 Gender Sensitive Men (GSM) stepping into leadership as agents of change influencing:

  • The way women perceive and define themselves
  • Attitudes and practices towards women in their specific communities
  • Community perception of women and girls’ roles and rights
  • Response on part of duty bearers on women’s issues
  • Women’s confidence and perception of themselves

MIFUMI believes that this Movement is best placed to demand accountability, redress and response from all duty bearers and district leaders in their respective communities.  MIFUMI also considers this approach as a more realistic sustainability plan in moving the burden of advocacy and response away from MIFUMI to the community members.