Livelihoods Security

MIIFUMI’s work on livelihoods security aims at improving the economic and social asset base of survivors of violence and other women. Many times women remain in abusive relationships because they are not able to look after themselves or their children and they lack access to various business skills that can give them independence.  Women are forced to depend on their abusers.

The livelihoods security intervention is designed to empower survivors so they can become more economically secure and  confident about negotiating over resources in and outside the home. This  enables them to enjoy a violence free life where they are self-reliant, decision makers and property owners.

MIFUMI facilitates trainings for women and girls to empower them with basic skills to ensure their economic independence based on the principles of achieving gender justice.
Business Support Services
MIFUMI provides business support services by ensuring that avenues exist through which beneficiaries can immediately utilise their newfound skills to add value to their businesses and other economic engagements.