Business Support Services

Bride price traps women in relationships that they cant get out from

As a compliment to the training services that MIFUMI organises for its rural and community based groups, MIFUMI provides business support services, mainly in the form of agricultural extension and linkages with critical business function providers. The aim is to ensure that a clear avenue exists through which the beneficiaries can immediately utilise their new found skills to add value to their businesses and other economic engagements.

Most recently in 2016, following a period of consistent and significant demand from our beneficiaries for technical and practical assistance to address dependence and inequality, MIFUMI engaged the expert services of three organizations in Uganda (KULIKA Uganda, Africa 2000 Network and Trust for African Orphans Uganda). Different trainings were delivered to various women groups in Tororo. These trainings are on the issues of Soil and Water Conservation, Organic Crop Production, Organic Livestock Production, Appropriate Technology and Farmer to Farmer Extension among other others.