Economic Empowerment for Women

May 31, 2016 7:40 pm Published by Comments
Livelihoods and economic empowerment

MIFUMI’s livelihoods project looks to improve the economic and social asset base of women and survivors of violence in particular. Many times women will remain in abusive relationships because their partners are the sole breadwinners.
Since women reinvest 90% of what they make back into their families, empowering them economically makes sense since it benefits the whole community.

Through the Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) women are encouraged to borrow and invest in different projects to improve household incomes in order to realise full optimum productivity. By participating in savings groups, women’s business skills and access to opportunities are improved through training and technical input.

More than 1000 women have so far signed up for this progressive economic venture. Some of them already reaped benefits from the project, being to construct houses from their savings, pay school fees for their children, purchase livestock, etc.

“Saving is very painful as we all know but only makes sense if we have something to show when we look back at the many years we have been sacrifising those coins.”-Georgina Akoth, VSLA member, Kirewa subcounty, Tororo


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