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Domestic Violence Training

MIFUMI has developed Domestic Violence Training Manuals in The Companion series to harness and formally package our  experience and knowledge as an effective tool for strengthening key services in response to women experiencing domestic violence and abuse.

Commitment to quality

As a charity we have worked for over 24 years to support women and children experiencing domestic violence. Over the years we have learnt to comprehend the depth and complexity in the needs of both women and their children, and so our domestic violence team have built in-depth knowledge regarding the dynamics of domestic violence and women’s broader experiences of gender based violence.

The Companion series on domestic violence training are:

A Counsellor’s Companion: A MIFUMI Manual for empowering women out of violence and abuse

The Caseworkers Companion: A MIFUMI manual for supporting key domestic violence services

The Duty Bearers Companion: A MIFUMI manual on domestic violence

Companion for Health Professionals: Strengthening the responses to domestic violence

The Companion series will be useful as a reference for: Independent Domestic Violence Advisors, NGOs, Local Councillors and Human Rights Defenders.