We campaign hard against traditional and cultural practices that justify Violence and abuse.

MIFUMI has come to learn that traditional and cultural practices across many societies are the main drivers of violence against women and girls. Culture perpetuates male dominance and power and control over women and girls, denying women and girls their rights entitlements and enjoyment. To this end, MIFUMI continuously campaigns for changes and reforms in these cultural practices. Our campaigns involve an integrated series of interventions from grassroots communities all the way to local, regional and national level forums

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Implementing policies.

In 2006 MIFUMI started implementing policies on disability mainstreaming. MIFUMI is presently taking bride price to the constitutional court in Uganda. MIFUMI's Executive Director is the current Torch Bearer for the MDG3 in Uganda. She is an ASHOKA fellow and won the district woman of the year award (2007) in Tororo. MIFUMI is a member of the Uganda Women's Network (UWONET), and The Legal Aid Service Providers' Network of the Danish Embassy.

We collaborate with Amnesty International and The Aids Support Organisation (TASO) MIFUMI has made effective submissions to the Parliamentary legal affairs committee, and the law reform commission on the draft Marriage and Divorce Bill and Domestic Violence Act.