Bride Price

Bride price traps women in relationships that they cant get out from

MIFUMI came to learn that traditional and cultural practices across many societies are the main drivers of violence against women and girls. Some cultures  perpetuated male dominance and power and control over women and girls, denying women and girls their rights, entitlements and enjoyment. To this end, MIFUMI continuously campaigns for changes and reforms in these cultural practices. MIFUMI successfully lobbied government and was given the mandate to hold the first social referendum in Uganda in December 2001 which resulted in a successful verdict with 60% saying YES to the reform of bride price.

The referendum pushed the campaign into the public domain exciting debate and that served to strengthen its position in the Domestic Relations Bill.

MIFUMI held the first international conference on Bride Price in 2004.  For more information click here.

MIFUMI has pushed for reform in laws resulting in enactment of  The Tororo Bridal Gifts Ordinance into law in 2009, and  a NO-REFUND ruling on Bride Price by the Uganda Supreme Court on 6th August 2015.

What price bride price

Embarking on this project was another exciting step in MIFUMI’s bride price campaign. MIFUMI’s ambition was to translate the stories and experiences of survivors from mere paper reports and voice testimonies to complete visual representations. The goal of the project was to amplify the Survivors’ voices and experiences such that we move from MIFUMI staff telling their stories to the survivors telling their own story.

The documentary that initiated national debate on the Practice of Bride price in Uganda.

The making of the documentary spanned 9 districts Tororo, Mbale, Soroti, Amolatar, Ngora, Pallisa, Kumi, Mbarara and Kampala. It involved professionals from the legal, education and medical fraternities. It extended to include politicians, social workers, representatives from cultural institutions and most importantly a broad selection of survivors including women, men and children. MIFUMI put together a production team which included a director, production manager, two camera men, two interviewers, a runner and two drivers. The interviewees were selected to represent the broad selection of cases relating to the bride price issue that MIFUMI has encountered over the years. Many of these cases also were intended to highlight to viewers, the contextual and underlying factors that, fuel or the demerits of the practice and the extent to which it has negatively affected society’s fabric.

See the documentary here