Since its establishment in 1994, MIFUMI has improved the lives of thousands of people in Uganda through its ground-breaking work. Below is a summary of our major achievements. In this section, you are welcome to browse through the multitude of publications and other materials that MIFUMI has developed over the years. You are also welcome to sign up to our news letters to benefit from regular updates and highlights of our work.


  • Vacancy Announcement
  • MIFUMI Sure Start Newsletter December-2016
  • Bills & Acts - Domestic Relations Bill-2003
  • By-Laws & Ordinances
  • MIFUMI Newsletters-2011
  • MIFUMI Newsletters-2010
  • MIFUMI Newsletters-2009
  • MIFUMI Newsletters-2008
  • MIFUMI Primary School Newletter- March- April 2008
  • MIFUMI Newsletter- October 2007
  • MIFUMI Newsletter- Jan- Feb 2004
  • MIFUMI Newsletter- 2000
  • MIFUMI Bride Price Campaign
  • Bride Price Hearing
  • IT Officer Vacancy

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